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Digital Marketing Services

Integrated Digital Marketing 

Integrated Digital Marketing is like a team with content as the leader and the various other digital marketing methods are like its team members. Integrated Digital Marketing will make use of each component’s strengths and produce a result which are more than the sum of the individual achievements of each member

The above flowchart describes the process of integrated digital marketing. Each one serves a unique function:

  • Content: Quality and relevant content helps establish authority, build trust, engage the audience with the brand, build a tribe and spread the word with your own customers as brand evangelists. Also helps in educating the customers about the industry and your product or service.
  • Email: The best communication tool available to online marketers today. Works best when used with permission (opt-in subscribers). Helps send out information about new content and follow up with the prospects to remind them about the product or service they want to buy.
  • Social Media: If email is like meeting with a prospect at his home, social media is like meeting with a focus group. People are more authentic and honest with feedback and suggestions in a social atmosphere. People may not be in a mood to transact in a social environment, but it helps get honest feedback about a product or service and listen to the needs of the customers.
  • Search: Helps potential customers to find your content and your offering by directly searching for it. One of the most powerful tools in online marketing and works best when you do not try to manipulate it. Doing basic on page SEO and then doing all the other things right should be enough to get truck loads of targeted traffic from the search engines.
  • Ads: Paid ads in its various formats can help speed up the entire process. The integrated digital marketing process is like a catalyst for ads which maximizes the return on investment on the dollars spent.



Audience insights is the base for Strategyworks’ s digital marketing strategy, this helps us to answer your brands important question based on the data received from analytics

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Content Marketing

We understand the power of Content and its importance on Digital Marketing, we device all the required strategies to make sure the content reaches to the right audience and it offer value to the readers.

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Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing approach is to first understand the right audience, this help in connecting the brand to target audiences more effectively.

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Mobile Marketing

We’ll show you how to use mobile to cater to consumer preferences and attributes while developing the custom strategies and internal policies necessary to successfully harness mobile marketing.

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We help you scale local marketing efforts to outshine national and local competition by employing proven strategies and scalable automation technologies.

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Performance Display

We help you establish performance display as a productive component of multichannel strategies that support almost any marketing goal.

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Our search engine marketing services help companies achieve a wide range of marketing goals and work in unison with our full suite of digital marketing services.

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SEO is a delicate and potent balance of quality content creation and optimization, enhanced with social and local marketing campaigns — all grounded in a data-based understanding of your most important audiences.

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Explore our multichannel video marketing approach to reach more consumers on more platforms using our quality video marketing services.

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Website Conversion Optimization

Discover our website conversion rate optimization approach that focuses on providing the right experience for the right audience to drive results.

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