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What is Digital Marketing Training?

Digital Marketing is the new age marketing platform, this platform focus on the business prospects utilizing the Internet. Any clients associated with portable workstations, cell phones, tabs are considered as the Internet audience, whom we reach with Digital Marketing platform.

What basic qualification is needed for doing Digital Marketing course?

There are no defined qualification criteria for learning Digital Marketing, but it would be good if you have some knowledge about internet, Marketing & sales, understanding of buying behavior of people.

What is the Duration of the Digital Marketing Training program?

Overall teaching will happen in 150 hours, which spans almost 75 Days of weekdays classes. But to master this full dedicated 3-5 months of time is required for practicing, further readings and real-time project execution.

What topics are included in the digital Marketing training Program?

We cover almost everything into digital marketing, here is the list of Digital Marketing Training Topics which we cover in the training. However, if you have any specific topic to add, we also love to add them in your training program

I’m already experienced professional but in the different field( sales, Business Development, IT, support, etc..). Is Digital Marketing training suitable for me?

As someone said long ago, no learning goes waste, it is always useful at some point in life. Suitability of training completely depends upon your objective behind choosing the program. if your objective is to start something of your own someday, then this is the right time to learn and move forward towards your dream and if Career transition is your objective, then this certainly a great decision to move into this ever-growing and most demanding career.

I want to change my career from sales to Digital Marketing, Can I get into Digital Marketing job after doing the course?

This is the right time to learn Digital Marketing and give a boost to your sales career or transition your career in Digital Marketing. Now the business environment is changing rapidly, the way sales were done earlier, there has been a tremendous change in past 4-5 years and its continuously going to change. Sales are almost getting imbibed with digital marketing( for example nowadays smart sales chaps do not do cold calling just by roaming around in the business area, but they find the right contact and initiate the level one discussion over an email or chat on Linkedin and later take it forward to closing.

After doing the course, in how many days/ months I can get a job?

It’s our sincere suggestion, focus on learning the concept, research more, read more and above all practice as much as you can and when you feel that you have got some confidence and could do better justice with the given job, then you should start applying for the job. There are plenty of jobs available in digital marketing.  some people get jobs in weeks time and for some it might take 1-2 months, completely depending on the interest & knowledge. We also give 100% assistance in placement.

I just finished my 10th class, can I do digital marketing course?

Yes, you can enroll in the digital marketing course and you could start practicing and mastering the tools and technology. You might also get the opportunity to make money by doing projects and work as a freelancer.

After doing the Digital Marketing Course, can I get Freelance projects?

Yes, You could get freelance projects in Digital Marketing.You should have some good work samples to showcase to prospects, which will enable you to bid and win the projects and make money.

After learning Digital Marketing, can I earn money online?

Yes, you have many options to make money after doing the digital marketing training. You could work as a freelancer, or start selling products online by doing affiliate marketing, you can also make money by running Google Adsense on your website.

Will I get placed after doing Digital Marketing course?

Yes, we give 100% placement assistance also at our training institute, we do many things for you to make you job ready. Apart from training you on Digital Marketing concepts, practicals we also focus on your Personality development, basis your past experience or current status, we work on your Resume and make it searchable and align with your job search objective. We grill you through real time practical scenario based questions and prepare you for your job search. Also, we have good association with some good companies, who ask us to refer some good candidates, we refer the candidates to them.

What makes Strategyworks the best Digital marketing training institute?

There are many Digital Marketing Training institutes in Bangalore, you could anyone suitable to you. But few things you should keep in mind while finalizing the training institute.

  1. Prefer to go for a classroom-based training program, you get more opportunity to learn, discuss and engage with the trainer.
  2. Search for a nearby location– This will save your time and from unnecessary tiredness. Our institute is located in Northern part of Bangalore, near Hebbal on airport road in Sahakar Nagar. Here is the google map for Strategyworks Consulting LLP
  3. Watch for the latest training topics in the training module: we cover almost everything in the digital marketing space and also open to include any topic, which is trending and make it part of the program. here is the list of Digital Marketing Topics

Does the digital Marketing Training Institute provides Live projects to work on?

Without doing the live project, the training program is incomplete. everybody is required to work on live business websites, blogs and learn about the website (WordPress), SEO, PPC, social media, email, analytics and other important topics in digital marketing

Does the Digital Marketing Training Institute provide 6 months to 1-year work experience?

We have provision to work as an intern with our company, after successful completion of the internship, we could support you with work experience certificate.

what is the future of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketers are expected to take full control of the customer experience in the coming years. here are things that will change the shape of Digital Marketing in future.

Digital Marketing scope

Does the Digital Marketing Training Institute provide Certification?

After successful completion of training programs,  assessments, we provide you the certificate course completion certificate. Here is the list of Digital Marketing Certifications available for you to apply.

  • W3Schools Certifications
  • AMA Certified Professional Marketer
  • Bing Ads Certification
  • Content Marketing Institute Online Training and Certification
  • Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DMA Certifications
  • Google AdWords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • HootSuite Certification
  • HootSuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate
  • HubSpot Certifications
  • Marketing Management Certificate
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification

Where in Bangalore can I take up a short-term classroom program on digital marketing?

Strategyworks provide short-term as a well exhaustive course on Digital Marketing. We have courses for 15 days to 3 months duration. If you are interested in joining classroom digital marketing training in North bangaloBangaloreould reach us at our Sahakar Nagar Institute and learn with us.

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